Educational Offer

Educational Offer for Foreign Students in the scope of secondary education at Upper-Secondary Schools Center of John Paul II in Kościelec

Kościelec 125, 88-170 Pakość

Head Teacher of Upper-Secondary Schools Center of John Paul II in Kościelec
would like to present its offer in the scope of education for foreign students in Poland in the school year 

For students not being Polish citizens we propose to start education on 1.09.2021 together with Polish students in a profession of their own choice: technician of agriculture, technician of agricultural engineering and agrotronics, technician of nutrition and catering services.

We also offer a course in Polish language free of charge.

Each student is provided with a legal guardian – one of the teachers of our school- during his/her stay in Poland for the period of learning at our school.

Details concerning our school:

1. Location: Kościelec 125, 88-170 Pakość

2. Level of education- technical school for youth.

3. Period of education- 5 years.

4. While learning students complete obligatory general and vocational curriculum for students of technical school. Additionally, students will be provided with extra Polish language classes, free of charge.

5. Technical school curriculum includes English classes as well as second language: Russian .

6. For students with difficulties in learning school organizes extra classes in order to help them fight with problems at learning.

7. Technical school graduate is awarded with secondary school graduation certificate and has the right to take ‚school graduation exam’ as well as state exam confirming vocational qualifications. These exams are organized by the school where students attend.

8. Student who passes vocational exam receives the state diploma confirming vocational qualifications as well as the title of a technician and the diploma supplement that confirms qualifications gained at the area of the European Union.

9. Student who passes ‚school graduation exam’ confirmed by a certificate can continue learning at institutions of tertiary education in Poland or start work at the area of Poland, European Union or his/her own country.

10. In the professions of technician of agriculture and technician of agricultural engineering and agrotronics students complete driving license course cat T (tractor) free of charge whereas students of technical school of agricultural engineering and agrotronics also do cat B (car).

Having passed state exam student receives driving license with entitlements to drive agricultural tractors and cars. International driving license can be provided.

11. Practical training is carried out at school workshops or in companies.

12. School is equipped with fully prepared workshops and professional teaching staff.

13. Lessons as well as practical trainings take place from Monday to Friday.

Requirements for candidates:

* School graduation certificate (VIII year of foreign school) including translation into Polish

* Below 18 years of age in the year when learning in Poland commences

* Documents confirming permission to stay in Poland (valid passport, visa)

* Obeying the rules valid for the students of Polish schools

* Copy of birth certificate including translation into Polish

* Written parents’ statement concerning transferring legal custody over a student to a teacher appointed by the Head Teacher of school

* Parents’ statement concerning financial resources provided for student’s stay in Poland


* Education in Polish schools is free of charge

* All the exams organized in the course of education are free of charge

* Driving license exam cat T and B is not obligatory and includes extra payment

* Students use all the school premises and equipment free of charge on the same principles as Polish students

* Students are obliged to cover the costs connected with food and residence in students hostel (about 500 PLN per month) and health insurance

* Health insurance covers basic medical care on the same principles as in case of Polish students

Insurance does not cover the costs of medicines

* The above offer concerns cooperation to commence in the school year 2021/2022 to be continued in the following years.

Residence conditions:

* Students will live together with Polish students in school hostel

* Accommodation in students hostel in rooms for two or three people with own bathroom and a toilet

* Students hostel is equipped with own kitchen and a canteen providing food for students 7 days a week

* Students staying at the hostel have access to the Internet and can use the gym and attend tennis lessons free of charge

* Students staying at the hostel are under care of tutors and teachers 24 hours a day and are provided with access to medical care

Contact person
Karol Błażejczak
 school Head Teacher

 Małgorzata Markiewicz
vocational training manager

tel. +48 510 402 728 tel. +48 660 710 535